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by Natalya Nemchinova, World Cup's "Hottest Fan", Is Also A Porn Star!

The blonde beauty in the itty-bitty Russia shirt has been called the World Cup's sexiest fan, for good reason! She's gorgeous, with a big smile and a come-hither look even as she cheers for her home team. And it turns out her new fans will be able to see much, much more of her, because she's also an X-rated actress! Under other names, including Natalia Andreeva and Natali Nemtchinova, the... READ MORE >>

by Betsy Gets Some Band Advice For World Music Day & More On Today's Program

This weekend is World Music Day, so Betsy Swoon takes a look at some of the Naked News anchors' favorite musical artists! That includes the Spice Girls, Keith Urban, The Arkells, and Janelle Monae - but do you know which favorites belong to which anchors? You'll find that out, plus the weekend forecasts in the Naked Weather! Watch now at READ MORE >>

by Ready, Player One? Tia Larose Gets Her Game On & More On Today's Program

Today, Tia Larose has the Game Spot with stories including - Ohio's Ashland University is offering a partial scholarship for an elite Fortnite player - is a portal dedicated to all things eSports - A new trailer shows the upcoming Spider-Man game will include Spidey's Iron Spider Suit - Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is now available, free on iOS and Android Get the full... READ MORE >>

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