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by Sex Toys From Past To Future

Sexual pleasure has always been at the forefront of the human mind. Despite endless reports and academic opinions that until the 1960s ‘good’ girls never thought about it, and boys – well, of course, they are just boys, right? Thankfully, we are now in a modern age where, mostly at least, sexuality is something to explore and enjoy, regardless of your sexuality. READ MORE >>

by Vera Baby Guest Anchors Pillow Talk, More Trouble For Volkswagen, Donald Trump Is Mad At Fox News & More On Today's Show

Are you ready for another Hump Day edition of Naked News? We sure hope so, because it's a good one. Sexy cosplayer Vera Baby auditioned a while ago, and we've brought her back today as a Guest Anchor to present Pillow Talk - A Taiwanese inventor has created a vegetable-themed condom line to help men choose the right size - UK therapy site Relate says 25% of people are dissatisfied with their... READ MORE >>

by Poll Question! Do you think that sex robots would be detrimental to real-life relationships?

On today's program, we hear that there's been a campaign launched that would ban sex robots. Dr. Kathleen Richardson, a British "robot ethicist" says robots used for sex could be detrimental to actual human-on-human relationships, as well as reinforce traditional stereotypes of women. Do you agree that this could be a problem? Cast your vote now! READ MORE >>

by Snoop Dogg Launching Marijuana Website, Emmy Ratings In The Crapper, The Naked Nerd Returns & More On Today's Show

It's a busy show today, including this week's From The Vault feature, where we play our tribute to the original Naked News anchor, Victoria Sinclair. She was the First Lady of Naked News, and her importance to the program can't be overstated. She retired last year, and we wanted to remind everyone just how much she meant to us, and to her fans. To see it, plus the full show, plus hundreds more... READ MORE >>

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