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by There Are Dildos All Over LA Because Art Is Weird And Wonderful

An Instagram account has been placing sex toys all over LA and photographing them. But this isn't an act of vandalism- the artist in question has a much more ulterior motive. The photographer told LAist magazine, While I work on creating my larger business plan and getting funding, @hardwarelosangeles is a way to celebrate and normalize sex toys, specifically dildos, as everyday objects. If we... READ MORE >>

by Sex Toys From Past To Future

Sexual pleasure has always been at the forefront of the human mind. Despite endless reports and academic opinions that until the 1960s ‘good’ girls never thought about it, and boys – well, of course, they are just boys, right? Thankfully, we are now in a modern age where, mostly at least, sexuality is something to explore and enjoy, regardless of your sexuality. READ MORE >>

by Sexy Liberation Is Giving Away Sex Toys For Free, So You Can Make Her Moan On A Budget

A sex toy company called Sexy Liberation wants ladies to get as much pleasure as men- so they're making it a lot easier! Curious people who want to explore more in the bedroom, but don't have a lot of money to spend on new toys, can "purchase" the vibrating cock ring, a purple silicone butt plug, and a lipstick bullet vibrator for a grand total of zero dollars! So why are they doing this?... READ MORE >>

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