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by Storm Warning For US East Coast, Amazon Offering Refunds For Hoverboards, Guns N' Roses Talking Tour & More On Today's Program

Thursday is always one of our favorite program days, and today is no exception! Among the highlights? January 22 marks the 46th anniversary of the first commercial flight by a Boeing 747. So Natasha Olenski is taking a look at some of the most notable aircraft in commercial aviation. From the Sikorsky Ilya Muromets to the Concorde to the Airbus 380, she's got the highlights - and gives the... READ MORE >>

by Colombia Legalizes Marijuana, Kim Dotcom Extradited, Kim Kardashian's New Emojis And More On Today's Show

Natasha Olenski has your Sports report, including: -Kobe Bryant is sending fans on a very cool scavenger hunt! -Beginner's luck leads to a HUGE payout in a 15-team NFL parlay bet! -Kelly Slater has created the perfect wave pool for elite-level surfers! -NBA player Derrick Williams was robbed of 750 dollars worth of jewelry over the weekend -The stars of Dude Perfect have teamed up with Green... READ MORE >>

by The Force Awakens Breaks Records, Steve Harvey's Miss Universe Flub, CarMD's Reliability Ratings Report And MORE On Today's Show

Madison Banes is going Naked At The Movies: -Star Wars: The Force Awakens is breaking box office records! -The US National Film Registry has added 25 new titles to its annual list for preservation at the Library of Congress, including Ghostbusters, Top Gun, and the Shawshank Redemption -Quentin Tarantino is taking on Disney -James Cameron has an Avatar update -UFC fighter Conor MacGregor could... READ MORE >>

by Vera Baby Guest Anchors Pillow Talk, More Trouble For Volkswagen, Donald Trump Is Mad At Fox News & More On Today's Show

Are you ready for another Hump Day edition of Naked News? We sure hope so, because it's a good one. Sexy cosplayer Vera Baby auditioned a while ago, and we've brought her back today as a Guest Anchor to present Pillow Talk - A Taiwanese inventor has created a vegetable-themed condom line to help men choose the right size - UK therapy site Relate says 25% of people are dissatisfied with their... READ MORE >>

by Oil Supply Surplus, Edward Snowden "Prepared To Return", Florida Panthers Goalie Woes & More On Today's Show

We've got a look at what's Trending Now as Kat Curtis tells us about - The beef between Robert Flores of SportsCenter and LA Lakers player Nick Young - and his girlfriend, Izzy Azalea. - An amazing photo of a weasel "riding" a flying woodpecker, and the many photoshop versions it inspired - Snapchatter Reece's valuable and hilarious guide for men on how to take dick pics - Canadians honoring... READ MORE >>

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