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by We're Back With Top Guns Blazing & More On Today's Program

Marina Valmont is all about the sequels in Naked At The Movies, with stories like - After over 30 years, Tom Cruise has revealed that there's a sequel to Top Gun in the works, with filming to start in the next year - James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger are both on board for a new Terminator flick - Mel Brooks says a Spaceballs sequel is possible, though it's only in the very early talks... READ MORE >>

by Massive Protests in Brazil, March Madness Rankings Released, Bad News For Carb Lovers & More On Today's Program

It's a fresh new week here at Naked News and we've got lots in store for you. That includes Madison Banes looking at the big screen happenings in Naked At The Movies - Star Wars: The Force Awakens is set for digital download as of April 1, with DVD and Blu-Rays available April 5 - with exclusive bonus features - Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum will reprise their roles in the 23 Jump Street - Men... READ MORE >>

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