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by Fast Food Packaging Risks, Facebook Must Pay Up In Oculus-ZeniMax Lawsuit, Prince's Music Catalog To Be Released On Major Streaming Services & More On Today's Program

On today's program, bodacious bombshell Natasha Olenski brings a Super Bowl themed edition of the Naked Weather Forecast. The big game is the main event, and the commercials are awesome, but we also love the halftime show. Lady Gaga promises to do something crazy this year, so Natasha is taking a look at some of the other crazy things that have happened. That includes Katy Perry and "Left... READ MORE >>

by Chinese Weather Control, Orwell's 1984 Sales Soaring, Dubai Firefighters Testing Water Powered Jetpacks & More On Today's Program

Kat Curtis and Guest Anchor Veronica are our dynamic duo of hosts for today's program. They also wrap things up with some Viewer Mail. They've got the answer to a question about our closing music, a comment about a recent Cooking in the Raw, and a look at an Australian fan's music video. See it all now at READ MORE >>

by Anonymous Targeting KKK, Supergirl's Super Start, Sensationalist Media Is Boob Of The Week & More On Today's Show

On today's terrific program, Carli Bei gets into the music scene in Turn It Up - Remember that group of 1000+ Foo Fighters fans in Cesena Italy performing Learn To Fly in hopes of getting the Foos to play there? It worked, and the band will play November 3 - Amazon is promoting their relaunched vinyl store by giving away a best-seller - US customers should sign up for a chance to win - Kanye's... READ MORE >>

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