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by US Job Openings Surge, 2015 Set Shark Attack Record, More Bad News For Johnny Manziel & More On Today's Program

Today's Naked News program starts off with Angie Heyward and the News Off The Top - A new law signed by Barack Obama will provide up to 50 million Africans with electricity in the next five years - US job openings surged to 5.6 million, nearly triple the positions available in 2009 - Google CEO Sundar Pichai will keep $199 million in stock if he remains in his role until at least 2019 - 2015... READ MORE >>

by American Apparel Files For Bankruptcy, NASA Releases Incredible Apollo-Era Photos, Weekend Sports Wrapup, Guest Anchor Lydia & More On Today's Program

You may think you don't like Mondays, but you just might change your tune while watching today's Naked News. You may remember lovely amateur Lydia, who auditioned recently. We got a massive amount of feedback on her - short version: everyone loved her - so we've brought her back this week as a Guest Anchor. We threw her right into the deep end with News Off The Top, and later she sat down with... READ MORE >>

by Uber And Lyft Legal In Nevada, Dallas Cowboys Most Valuable Franchise Worldwide, Backlash To Vanity Fair Article & More On Today's Show

It's Hump Day, and that means we've got Natasha Olenski with our midweek Sports report - A Forbes report says the average NFL franchise is worth nearly $2 billion, and the Dallas Cowboys are worth a crazy $4 billion, making them the most valuable franchise on the planet - New Jersey congressman Frank Pallone is calling for a special hearing to look at the relationship between sports betting and... READ MORE >>

by Tiger Woods Cheating Allegations, More Toyota And Nissan Airbag Recalls, Amazon Drone Delivery Details & More On Today's Show

New anchor Madison Banes is back, and she's got AppDate, with the coolest new downloads - Visualize You uses a photo of yourself to show you what you'd look like if you lost weight - It's the "X-Rated version of Tinder", and it's so explicit you can't get it through the Google or Apple app stores. Mixxxer uses GPS to search nearby for other people looking for a hookup. Users can upload naughty... READ MORE >>

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