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by A FitBit For Your Junk & More On Today's Program

In Pillow Talk, Shannon has the details on something called the i.Con Smart Condom, which is basically a FitBit for your penis. It collects performance data on thrust velocity, positions, and calories burned, and lets users compare their stats with other users. Yes, seriously! READ MORE >>

by Hyperloop One "DevLoop" Beginning Installation, Rumor Has Tony Romo Eyeing Denver, Great Smiles Matter & More On Today's Program

On today's program, we wrap things up with Natasha Olenski talking to Roxanne and Kat about some of today's stories. They share their own thoughts on hookup culture, and also whether it's true good storytellers are ore attractive. They close out with their feelings on Uber's decision to let ex-cons drive for them. Spoiler alert: the ladies aren't entirely comfortable with it! Watch for yourself... READ MORE >>

by Airlines Banning Samsung Galaxy 7s, Mars Lander Leaves Mothership, Ben Rothlisberger Out With Torn Meniscus & More On Today's Program

Another weekend over, another terrific new week of Naked News! On today's program, Guest Anchor Roxanne is back in the Naked Newsroom with some of the top stories, including - More airlines, including Virgin Australia, Qantas, and Singapore Airlines have banned passengers from flying with Samsung Galaxy Note 7s - New regulations allow American travelers to buy Cuban rum and cigars in foreign... READ MORE >>

by Emirates Airline Crash-Lands In Dubai, China's Transit Elevated Bus Trial Run, Joey Votto Shames Fan And More On Today's Program

On today's program, Whitney St. John keeps us apprised of what's Trending Now with the scoop on - Photos of "bikini cop" Mikaela Kellner arresting a suspected thief have made her an instant celebrity - Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green accidentally posted a dick pick to Snapchat - how embarrassing! - Power couple Gianluca Vacchi and Giorgia Gabriele made a sexy dance video that's... READ MORE >>

by Only 3 Northern White Rhinos Surviving, First Winter Blast In Chicago, Broncos Winning Without Peyton Manning & More On Today's Show

It's another hot week with the Program With Nothing to Hide! That includes Madison Banes going inside Hollywood in Naked At The Movies and stories including - Screenwriter Eric Wilkinson pitched his idea for a Die Hard prequel via a full page ad in the Hollywood Reporter - The Writers Guild of America voted Woody Allen's "Annie Hall" the funniest screenplay of all time, over "Some Like It Hot",... READ MORE >>

by Emissions Testing Scandal Widens, Social Good Summit Kicks Off, Ben Roethlisberger Injured & More On Today's Program

Welcome to another awesome week with the one and only "program with nothing to hide" - Naked News! We've got some sensational programming coming up, and of course starting today! Natasha Olenski wraps up the weekend Sports - Last week, Tony Romo. This week, Ben Roethlisberger, who sprained his MCL in the Pittsburgh Steelers win over the St. Louis Rams - The Indianapolis Colts, led by Andrew... READ MORE >>

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