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by Betsy Gets Some Band Advice For World Music Day & More On Today's Program

This weekend is World Music Day, so Betsy Swoon takes a look at some of the Naked News anchors' favorite musical artists! That includes the Spice Girls, Keith Urban, The Arkells, and Janelle Monae - but do you know which favorites belong to which anchors? You'll find that out, plus the weekend forecasts in the Naked Weather! Watch now at READ MORE >>

by GOP Convention Kicks Off, Henrik Stenson Wins British Open, No Ghostbusters In China & More On Today's Program

Welcome back to a new week of Naked News! Today's program includes Angie Heyward checking under the hood in Wheels, with stories like - After 3 reported crashes invoving Model X's autopilot feature, Consumer Reports is asking Tesla to deactivate the system and rebrand it - Starship is a company preparing to release a fleet of wheeled drones in London - to deliver food and other items - A rare... READ MORE >>

by US-Cuba Talks Hit A Speedbump, California Cracking Down On Anti-Vax Movement, SNL's Star-Studded 40th & More On Today's Show

It's National Weatherperson's Day, so Natasha Olenski is running down some of the sexy women who make temperatures rise worldwide. Such as Toronto's Jillian Barberie, Romania's Roxana Vancea, Jill Nicolini from Long Island, and Mexico's stunning Mayte Carranco. There's also a Brainstorm Trivia question - when was the very first weather forecast? Natasha has the answer! We've got something for... READ MORE >>

by #TrendingNow - Original Pink Ranger Plays Guitar In Old Outfit

American actress Amy Jo Johnson - perhaps best known for playing Kimberly, aka the Pink Ranger from the original 1990s Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers TV show - decided to don the old pink Spandex jumpsuit and play her guitar in front of some surprised people at Toronto's Yonge & Dundas Square. READ MORE >>

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