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by Schmooze With Cam Girl Kirra Kiss, Food Dudes Food Truck Cooking, "Amy" and "Self/Less" Movie Previews & More

As the song says, "everybody's workin' for the weekend"! And to make sure your weekend was worth working for, we have plenty of news, previews, Schmooze, and other views for you. That includes super-sexy cosplaying redhead Vera Baby's audition, with an In Focus look at Emily Ratajkowski, and then an interview talking about herself. Since shooting this audition, Vera has apparently had a breast... READ MORE >>

by Grand Master Boob Of The Week, Massive IRS Scam, Giselle Bundchen Retires & More On Today's Show

Angie Heyward crowns our Boob of the Week, and it's a real face-palmer. Georgian chess Grand Master Gaioz Nigalidze was caught cheating at the Dubai Open Tournament because he kept running to the bathroom, where officials found his cell phone, which he was using to analyze the game he was playing. Some strategy, Gaioz! All news is better when you're watching our lovely naked anchors in stunning... READ MORE >>

by 2014's Sexiest Nude Scenes, Nicolas Cage's New Movie, Boobs For Science & More On Today's Show

We head into the weekend with a bit of "ligher fare" for you. Isabella Rossini has our Odds & Ends, with quirky stories about GQ's least influential people of the year, the most common name in the United States (hint: It's not John Smith!), and Amazon and Facebook's hunt for drone pilots and engineers. Plus how high heels affect men's inclination to help a woman out, a Turkish flight attendant... READ MORE >>

by Thanksgiving Travel, Black Friday Shopping, Boob Of The Week & More On Today's Show

There's plenty of holiday-related news today from Rachelle Wilde. She's got info about travelling over the Thanksgiving weekend, a $35,000 dinner at the Old Homestead Steakhouse in Manhattan - featuring Courvoisier-soaked foie gras and Wagyu filet mignon - and AAA's free tow offer in certain states. There are also stories about the rise of mobile online shopping, big changes in Boxing Day... READ MORE >>

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