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by Amateur Taylor Auditions, Looks at 50 Shades Of Black and The Finest Hours, Video Gaming News & More On The Weekend's Shows

Is there any better word than "weekend"? Maybe a few, but not many, and that's especially true when you've got great Naked News programming to enjoy. There's tons of great segments to enjoy, including the first step in Eila Adams' new fitness program! She's entering a bikini fitness competition, and we'll be following her efforts. See it all at READ MORE >>

by Trump Bails On Thursday's Debate, Obama Calls For Urgent Response To Zika Virus, Anti-Catfishing Dating App & More On Today's Show

Happy Hump Day! And you know there's nowhere you'd rather spend it than with the smart and sexy Naked News team. That includes Guest Anchor Vera Baby, who's back with what's got people talking, in Trending Now - Burger King and Wendy's got into a brief Twitter war, which Wendy's won with a mic-drop response that BK is probably still smarting from - A woman was caught on video doing what's... READ MORE >>

by Japan Launches Whale Hunts, Zuckerberg To Donate Facebook Shares, 76ers Finally Win One & More On Today's Show

On today's show, Guest Anchor Vera Baby is back, with what's Trending Now - 3 years after Gangnam Style, South Korean superstar Psy is back with "Daddy", and it's racking up YouTube hits and getting toes tapping - Canadians Neil and Michael Fletcher found an eagle stuck in a trap, and captured an incredible selfie with the bird before releasing it - Ireland's Ivor Noyek's Facebook photo struck... READ MORE >>

by Holiday Travel Security High, E Coli Outbreak Traced To Costco Chicken Salad, Johnny Manziel Demoted & More On Today's Show

Welcome back for Hump Day at the Program With Nothing to Hide! We've got another awesome show, and that includes Guest Anchor Vera Baby, back with the sexiest stories in Pillow Talk - Spanish startup Geeks!me has a smartwatch that's like a Fitbit for sex! In addition to the usual tracking features, it's got a "Love Mode" - Next June, you'll be able to buy a sex toy that actually attaches to... READ MORE >>

by US Interest Rates Set To Rise, Facebook's Cookies A Problem In Belgium, DraftKings And FanDuel Illegal In New York & More On Today's Show

Happy Hump Day! There's a whole lot of awesome on today's show, starting with lovely Angie Heyward with the News Off The Top - An American and two Israeilis have been charged in connection with the massive 2012-2015 cyber-attack that targeted JPMorgan and others - The US Federal Reserve says interest rates could rise next month if the economy continues improving - Today is the biggest online... READ MORE >>

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