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by We're Back! Alibaba On US Notorious Markets List, Mariah Carey And Dick Clark Productions Squabble, Wolverine Going For R Rating & More On Today's All-New Program

It was a great holiday, but we're back with a brand-new program! And it includes Madison Banes Naked At The Movies with stories like - Woody Harrelson's full-length movie "Lost in London" will be livestreamed into theaters as it's being shot, January 19th - Logan, the upcoming Wolverine flick, will be R-rated, with Hugh Jackman reportedly taking a pay cut to show his faith in the plan - Will... READ MORE >>

by Trump Bails On Thursday's Debate, Obama Calls For Urgent Response To Zika Virus, Anti-Catfishing Dating App & More On Today's Show

Happy Hump Day! And you know there's nowhere you'd rather spend it than with the smart and sexy Naked News team. That includes Guest Anchor Vera Baby, who's back with what's got people talking, in Trending Now - Burger King and Wendy's got into a brief Twitter war, which Wendy's won with a mic-drop response that BK is probably still smarting from - A woman was caught on video doing what's... READ MORE >>

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