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by We've Got Peak Stupid In Our Boob Of The Week & More On Today's Program

Roxanne crowns filmmaker Ryan Sean Davy our Boob of the Week, thanks to his hare-brained plan to try and climb Mount Everest solo. Despite no real mountain climbing experience, no support, and not wanting to pay the costs associated with tackling the trek. And for, after getting busted, trying to claim that his real motivation was to help other climbers in trouble that he might come across on... READ MORE >>

by Big, Massive, Supersize Boobs... Of The Week & More On Today's Program

Our Boob of the Week is everyone involved in the trash fire that is the Dutch game show "Neem Je Zwemspullen Mee". As Roxanne O'Neill explains, its appalling "competitions" include male "contestants" deciding if a woman is "Pregnant or just fat", and guessing whether someone is Chinese or Japanese! Roxanne O'Neill has the details, so watch now at READ MORE >>

by New York Times' Trump Bump, Samantha Bee To Roast Donald Trump, Tinder On AppleTV & More On Today's Program

On today's program, Veronica checks in with the Game Spot - It's official - Nintendo announced the "end of life" for the underperforming WiiU console - A team spent 3 years creating "Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst", a full Pokemon game in the Minecraft universe - Upcoming PC game Conan Exiles lets players customize Conan's endowment, among other things She also reviews Resident Evil 7: Biohazard,... READ MORE >>

by Zika Vaccine Clinical Trials Start, Apple Rewarding Bug Discoveries, Rio Olympic Updates And More On Today's Program

Angie Heyward is today's host, and that means she's announcing the winner of our most recent Like and Share to Win contest on Facebook. She's also got a look at what's coming up this week - there are special Guest Anchors, and more from the XBiz convention in Miami. Don't miss a thing - make sure to watch every day at READ MORE >>

by Wikileaks Strikes Again, China's Environmental Strategy, Deflategate Ball Up For Auction & More On Today's Show

With the midweek Sports report, we have Natasha Olenski - The centerpiece of next month's UFC 189 was going to be Jose Aldo vs Conor Macgregor, but Aldo has fractured a rib. No word yet on a new date - The chairman of the NFL's health & safety advisory commission says the league is weighing all the options to cut back on concussions, and that could include players forgoing helmets. The premise... READ MORE >>

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