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by Kim Kardashian's Back With Another Yeezy Ad!

Kim Kardashian's back - pun definitely intended! - with a new Tweet promoting hubby Kanye West's Yeezy Butter 350 kicks. But, in typical Kim K style, you'll barely notice the pricey shoes because dat ass! Obviously, as far as we're concerned Kim can wear anything or nothing, as long as she keeps sharing her bodacious badonkadonk with us, so Kim - keep 'em coming! READ MORE >>

by Happy Birthday, Halle Berry!

Women don't get much hotter than Halle Berry. And since she turned 52 on August 14, it's also clear she's found a Fountain of Youth giving her eternal beauty! That's definitely worth celebrating, so we've selected a few of her hottest Instagram photos to share with you. And thanks to the most excellent people at Mr. Skin, we've also got a couple of stills from her nude scenes! Happy birthday,... READ MORE >>

by Love, Exciting And Nude - With Kendall Jenner Topless And Wet!

Kendall Jenner's birthday is the gift that keeps on giving - to us! Not long after celebrating, Kendall had a photoshoot for LOVE Magazine at Hampstead Ponds, where she floated languidly with those flawless breasts just peeking out of the water. But we all know she doesn't need any excuse to go topless - we encourage it any time, day or night. Not all the pics were a revealing, but it's okay -... READ MORE >>

by Kate Upton In Lingerie Yamamay Find Insanely Sexy!

Yamamay think it goes without saying: Kate Upton and her breakneck curves are spectacular! She's the face - and boobs, and backside - for Yamamay's new lingerie campaign, and that is a partnership truly made in heaven. Sure, we'll always vote for "naked" over clothed, but we're never going to complain about seeing Kate lounging around in lace and silk. The woman is a national treasure, and some... READ MORE >>

by Christie Brinkley Is STILL Crazy Hot And Happy To Flaunt What She's Got!

Someone has truly blessed Christie Brinkley, and those of us who love her - as in, all of us. At 64, she's still ridiculously gorgeous, and showed it off for the 15th anniversary edition of Social Life Magazine. She was kind enough to share some snaps to her Instagram, and for that we are truly grateful. Admit it - you'd still go out of your way to follow "The Girl in the Ferrari"! READ MORE >>

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