Today, lovely Laura Desiree is our hostess with the mostest!

Tia Larose gets us going with her Entertainment report
- According to the New Yorker, Harvey Weinstein hired spies, including ex-Mossad agents, to monitor his alleged victims and journalists
- Johnny Depp may be forced to sell 5 Los Angeles homes to repay a $5 million loan
- TMZ says Kim Kardashian and Kanye West sold their posh Bel-Air mansion for $17.8 million, nearly double the $9 million they paid in 2013
- Tyrese Gibson is apparently ready to bury the hatchet with Dwayne Johnson, and not in The Rock's skull

Get updated on our Bulletins from the Naked Newsroom with Alana Blaire
- Equifax and Yahoo honchos are apologizing for data breaches, but a Senate committee doesn't think that's good enough
- Facebook wants to thwart revenge porn by having users upload their nude pics to Messenger
- Over 60 big box retailers will stay closed on Thanksgiving, though Walmart, Best Buy, and Target will be open
- UberAir plans to launch in Los Angeles in 2020
- British inventor Richard Browning's nifty Iron Man-like suit helped him set a Guinness speed record
- Police in Colombia seized 12 tons of cocaine worth an estimated $360 million

This weekend is Pocky & Pretz Day in Japan, so Madison Banes is taking a look at some other popular treats from around the world in her Naked Weather Forecast.

In Turn It Up, Eila Adams has stories to soothe the savage breast
- Ozzy Osbourne has announced a farewell tour that'll run through 2020
- Paris Hilton is reported to be working on her second album, with a whole new sound influenced by Madonna, Katy Perry, and Michael Jackson
- U2 will get the Global Icon award at the 2017 MTV European Music Awards
- Neil Young will auction off parts of his extensive model train collection this December, with some proceeds to charity
- We take a look at Sam Smith's newest album, The Thrill of it All

Betsy's back, and she names Tiffany & Co our Boob of the Week for their obscenely absurd and overpriced "Everyday Objects" collection, and particularly their thousand-dollar soup can. And we wrap things up with Laura and Eila answering some Viewer Mail. Don't miss a moment! Watch now at