Alana Blaire is the babe with the Bulletins from the Naked Newsroom
- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 29% of Americans have high blood pressure, and it's a health epidemic
- Quebec passed a controversial law that requires people giving or getting a government service to have their face uncovered
- A Japanese space probe found a huge cave under the moon's surface, which could be an ideal spot for a lunar base
- Northern Michigan University now offers a BSc in Medicinal Plant Chemistry - aka marijuana cultivation
- The earth could face an ecological disaster, as scientists believe flying insect populations have plummeted dramatically
- A New Jersey man discovered his winning $24 million lottery ticket in a shirt pocket just days before the ticket would expire

Carli Bei has a Rick and Morty-worthy rant about Rick and Morty fans, McDonald's, and Szechuan Sauce in her Boob of the Week.

Tia Larose updates us on hot happenings in her Entertainment report
- Singer Joe Jonas and Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner have gotten engaged
- Demi Lovato released a documentary entitled Simply Complicated on YouTube, featuring talk about mental health and her drug use
- Former Pussycat Dolls member Kaya Jones recently Tweeted that she wasn't in a girl group, but a prostitution ring
- Johnny Depp is suing his lawyers, claiming they ripped him off for over $30 million
- Ashley Graham says that when she's shooting lingerie or swimsuit pics, she remembers that her pastor follows her on Instagram

Madison Banes talks about some ill-fated space program launches and landings, as well as offers up the weekend forecasts, in her Naked Weather Report. Then, in Viewer Mail, Madison, Carli, Tia, Eila Adams, Laura Desiree, Whitney St. John, and Shannon Blake reveal their secrets to looking as lovely as they do. Get the scoop at