Carli Bei and Isabella Rossini host a sexy,saucy program from Club Wicked, including:


You'll get to know our anchor Carli Bei a lot better after her rockin' one on one!


Katherine Curtis hosts a viewer's mail asking the anchors what they do in their free time.  Some of the answers may shock you.  (Some of them probably won't.)


Eila Adams schmoozes with Nina Hartley!


Guest anchor Lydia hosts the Video Blog, including:

-An amazing evolution video!

-One crazy jetpack flight!

-Pranksters made a robot copy of the infamous Pizza Rat.  Somehow, it wasn't as cute.

-A Terrifying Sky Dive


Kat Curtis and Carli Bei go head to head and check out the newest games for the WiiU and 3DS at the Nintendo Holiday Preview Event!


And we close out the show by giving you an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek behind our scenes!  To see more, become a member at today!