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Guest Anchor Addilyn checks what's happening Inside The Box
- CBS is turning Candy Crush into a live action game show featuring duos competing on big interactive game boards
- Netflix will pay comic Chris Rock $40 million for a pair of stand-up specials on his upcoming tour
- There's a new trailer for VH1's "Martha and Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party" starring Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart
- There's going to be even more Walking Dead as AMC will air 16-part web series Fear The Walking Dead: Passage as promos this season
- Our Stream This is Glitch, an Australian series featuring six people rise from the grave in a small Aussie town

Katherine Curtis keeps us updated from the Naked Newsroom
- The average American now works 258 more hours per year than their European counterpart
- China's government is calling for the regulation of emojis, because of their violent or erotic nature
- 18 year old tea seller - Chai Wala - Arshad Khan is an online sensation after a photo of him at work went viral
- Facebook has added new features to tell you things you can do, then help you do them, via partnerships with Ticketmaster and Delivery.com
- A Cleveland couple found cases holding about $45,000 in their basement while renovating. The cash dates from as early as the 1920s
- London's Natural History Museum has given out their Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards, and American Tim Laman took top prize

It's Kim Kardashian West's birthday, so Natasha Olenski is celebrating with a look at some of Kim's sexiest moments. From her sex tape with Ray-J, to her "Break The Internet" photo shoot, to her Instagram selfies with Emily Ratajkowski, to her marriage to Kanye West, Natasha's got all the details in her Naked Weather Report.

Carli Bei will have you doing a happy dance when she talks music in Turn It Up
- The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees are out, and Tupac Shakur, Depeche Mode, and Pearl Jam have gotten their first nods
- The cast album of Lazarus, David Bowie's off-Broadway musical, goes on sale Friday, featuring some never before heard tracks
- The Lumineers and Guns 'n Roses are among the artists turning to Yondr to keep concert-goers from using cellphones during concerts
- Amazon Music Unlimited launched last week, and it's cheaper than Apple Music or Spotify - if you're an Amazon Prime member
- Carli reviews Kings of Leon's new album, Walls, and check out Waste A Moment, the first single

Angie Heyward names Jean-Michel Maire our Boob of the Week. A panelist on French entertainment program Touche pas à mon poste!, Jean-Michele kissed an actress' breast after she refused to let him kiss her.  That's inappropriate and sexual assault, to boot.  Viewers were outraged, and hundreds of people complained.  No means no!

And Eila is joined by Kat to answer some Viewer Mails in the wrapup!  We learn more about the very tall cosplayer Kat interviewed at Fan Expo, why there are clothed people at the nude beach, and whether or not Eila or Kat have any superstitions. 

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