The lovely Natasha Olenski gets today's program going with the scoop from the Naked Newsroom
- A US District Judge has blocked a law that would have banned women from going topless in the Colorado town of Fort Collins
- The single winning $435 million Powerball ticket was sold in Lafayette, Indiana
- Budapest has withdrawn its bid to host the 2024 Olympics, leaving only Paris and Los Angeles in the hunt
- Apple Park, Apple's 175 acre campus will open to employees in April, and features the thousand-seat Steve Jobs Theater
- A CNNMoney report says that the 3 biggest US banks made $6.4 billion in overdraft and ATM fees
- Iceland's President Johannesson caused a furor by saying he'd ban pineapple from pizza if he could

Roxanne O'Neill names discount airline Ryanair our Boob of the Week.  They asked a passenger in a wheelchair if she could walk up the steps to the plane since it'd be easier for them, then left without her when she couldn't!  

Eila Adams is the chick with the clicker as she goes Inside The Box
- Jerry Bruckheimer is teaming with Sports Illustrated to develop a full documentary series called Sports Illustrated: True Crime
- Aaron Paul has signed on to play America's king of whiskey, Jack Daniel, in a new series
- TMZ founder Harvey Levin will produce and host 10 episodes of OBJECTified, touring celebrities' homes to hear stories based on significant objects
- Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro are collaborating again, this time on The Irishman for Netflix
- Our Stream This for the week is Netflix's Abstract: The Art of Design

The Academy Awards are being handed out this weekend, and Madison Banes is taking a look at the Best Actress In A Leading Role nominees in her Naked Weather Forecast.  She'll tell you a bit about Emma Stone, Isabelle Huppert, Natalie Portman, and Ruth Negga and looks ahead to the Oscar weekend temperatures, plus quiz you with a Brainstorm Trivia question. 

Carli Bei makes beautiful music in Turn It Up
- Rihanna has just overtaken Michael Jackson for top 10 singles on the US Billboard chart with 30. She's catching up to The Beatles and Madonna's 38
- Adele's massive wold-out world tour is making her a ton of money - over $625,000 per show, on par with artists like Bruce Springsteen
- Ringo Starr is working on a new album, with a little help from his friends Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, and Peter Frampton
- Jay-Z is going to be the first rapper inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, alongside legends like Marvin Gaye, Bob Dylan, and Dolly Parton
- David Bowie fans have set up a Crowdfunder page to raise money to erect a statue in honor of the late singer

And it all wraps up with Eila joining Katherine Curtis to answer some Viewer Mail!  There are questions about hiring our off-camera staff, pregnant anchors, and foreign videographers, plus a compliment from one of our fans in India! Watch everything right now at