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Expired Drugs Monday September 24, 2012


I am somewhat frustrated. Why you may ask. Because of expiry dates. You see every time I go into a drug store to buy some over the counter medication I check the expiry date on the package. And nine times out of ten, the expiry date is a few short weeks or months away. Sometimes the expiry date has already passed.

I have to rummage around on the shelf looking for the longest expiry date and when I can't find a reasonable one, I have to figure out what alternative brand I am going to select and hope that it has a longer expiry and isn't double the price.

So how can reputable drug stores sell such old stock. Shouldn't they send this stuff back to the distributor, OR at the very least put it on the clearance counter. I mean bar codes and computers give them inventory control. So are they knowingly trying to sell me old stock.

if I am buying the 100 pack of Advils because it is a much better buy per tablet than say the 20 pack, wouldn't I be reasonable to expect that this 100 pack is going to be able to last me a couple of years. And if they don't last a couple of years who are they making the 100 or the 200 pack for?

Same with Vitamins. if I am to take one such vitamin a day shouldn't they NOT expire before I finish off the last one.

And if my drugstore is selling soon to expire over the counter medication, am I also getting soon to expire, or even already expired, prescription medication. There is no way for me to know, is there. Because prescription medication that the pharmacist makes up generally do not have an expiry date. How do I know that the medication my doctor prescribed are still full potency and unexpired. If my health or my child's health depends on a prescription, shouldn't I have confidence that I am getting a fully effective product from my pharmacy.

And shouldn't we be better educated about expiry dates. Does that date only slightly diminish the potency and effectiveness of the product OR does it make it totally ineffective.

We live in a drug dependent society and just as we should be fully informed about the potential side effects of a drug, we also deserve to be better informed about the effectiveness of the drugs we are given.