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Facebook and RIM Monday June 4, 2012

Facebook and RIM

Recently I told you that I had confidence in Mark Zuckerberg's leadership of Facebook and his ability to raise the shareholder value and share price of the recent public stock offering. To achieve that, he will need to find a way to increase growth and revenues, and to instill immediate confidence in investors that he WILL make that happen.

As we've reported in our news stories, one issue that Facebook has, is monetizing the ever-growing number of mobile users. Facebook's mobile platforms are user-friendly, but not advertiser-friendly. That's a problem

But with GOOGLE's purchase of Motorola Mobility, maybe THEY've given Zuckerberg an example to follow.

GOOGLE wisely foresaw that fully portable devices like smartphones and tablets are the future of communication, and used that knowledge in developing Android - and now again with their purchase of Motorola Mobility.

So, I suggest that Facebook partner with Blackberry. Their own stock woes aside, Blackberry still has a huge worldwide set of users especially in Third World countries, and although declining, it's still a very profitable company. The two together would make each one stronger.

In fact with all the IPO money in the bank, and Facebook seeking new revenue sources, Facebook should consider purchasing Blackberry outright. Although no longer the sexiest smartphones on the market, Facebook and Zuckerberg have the money and the cachet to make Blackberry cool again.

Most businesses, large and small, now have a presence on Facebook. 900 MILLION people have profiles on Facebook. That's a enough traffic to make any advertiser drool. If these two companies can find a way to monetize one another, this could be a very successful tech marriage, indeed.

Mark, are you listening?