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Football On The Brain Monday September 23, 2013

Football on the Brain

Are YOU ready for some football?! The excruciating wait is over the National Football League season is finally in full swing! For my money, nothing's better than Sundays on the couch watching some pigskin. But even a football diehard like myself must admit that watching football isn't the same as it used to be - and it's all because of one dirty little word: concussions.

With all the hoopla surrounding the start of the season, you may not have heard that the league reached a historic lawsuit settlement with former players. 765 million dollars is being paid out to ex-NFLers dealing with the after-effects of brain injuries suffered on the field. That is a MASSIVE amount of money, and should do a lot of good to help get former pros dealing with alzheimers, depression, and dementia.

But skeptics say the players got a raw deal in this one - and they may be right. Those close to the case thought the NFL payout could go as high as 2 billion. Sure it sounds crazy, but only 'til you remember the league made close to 10 billion dollars last year alone! And then there's that OTHER little tidbit: that the NFL knew about the damaging effects of concussions for YEARS, but tried to sweep the issue under the rug.

Over the past few years the NFL has changed the rules to try and make the game "safer". But safe is a relative term. Football isn't a contact sport, it's a COLLISION sport. Every year the players get bigger, faster, and stronger - making their brains even more susceptible to injury. Football fans love seeing big hits, but nowadays, every time a player leaves a game with a concussion I can't help but wonder if he'll ever be the same.