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For All You Armchair Quarterbacks

I'm Eila Adams, and this NakedNews Commentary is for all you armchair quarterbacks and wannabe general managers out there. You're watching your favorite team lose the big game, perhaps due to a bad decision by the coach. And you're pissed, a natural reaction as a sports fan. But then, you make outrageous claims like "I could do better than that!" Or, the GM makes a questionable signing that you might not agree with, and you say, "That guy has no idea what he's doing!"

Well, I'm here to give you a little reality check: No, you can not do better than that, and yes, he does know what he's doing! Being the person in charge of pro athletes is without question one of the hardest and most thankless jobs in the world. They're paid a tidy sum, sure, but it's just a fraction of what the athletes make. They're responsible for making sure the team performs up to expectations. And that's way harder than it looks from your vantage point on the couch. You're managing players' egos, getting pressure from ownership, and receiving constant criticism from the media!

Because of all that, the shelf life of your average team executive is a lot shorter than it used to be! Do you really think a regular joe could just step into that role and succeed? Not a chance! This ain't fantasy sports, pal - it's the real thing! Imagine if every decision you made at your job was questioned every day, by everyone around you. That's what the life of a coach or a GM is like. You're given way too much credit when things are going well, and way too much of the blame when things go badly.

And here's the reality: every year, just one team wins the title. For every other team, it's back to the ol' drawing board. At least as far as fans are concerned. But success isn't always measured in wins and losses. If the team makes money, that's really what counts nowadays. Fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Dallas Cowboys should have learned this lesson by now - they make piles of money regardless of how badly the team performs!

The bottom line is this - your favorite team's management knows the game better than you. And, it knows how to get the best performance out of their players. So I suggest you let them do the job they're paid to do, and just sit back on the recliner and watch. At least that's what I think anyway.