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Gene Roddenberry Monday January 23, 2012

Gene Roddenberry

Hello I'm Katherine Curtis, and i'm here today with a Naked News Commentary. As the resident geek around here it should be no surprise to you that I have always been fascinated by Gene Roddenberry, the creator of the Original Star Trek. What a visionary to have seen the future so vividly.

Yes I know. We are not travelling the Galaxy at Warp 9 - nor can we transport people to the planet's surface - but we can talk to computers - and they can talk back. We can research a library of information so large that it makes the Library at Alexandria or the Library of Congress, seem miniscule. Remember the Communicator from Star Trek? Well we are able to communicate with each other practically anywhere we are, without being tethered to a wired system. And how about the TriQuarter? Portable devices - including an ultrasound machine that plugs into a smartphone - are now available.

And how about that far-fetched Romulan Cloaking Device? You know, the one that made Romulan space vessels INVISIBLE? Well scientists around the world have been able to create invisibility - albeit for short periods of time. The thinking goes that if light moves around an object instead of striking it head on, that light does not bounce back to the observer, thereby making the object invisible to the observer. Voila. A cloaking device. Other scientists at Cornell University have built on this or a similar concept to create a hole in time. Literally stopping time, albeit for nanoseconds.

You see where I am going with this. Gene Roddenberry, 50 years ago, had the kind of vision and insight that is seen in a very few humans. Men like Jules Verne, and Leonardo Da Vinci had such vision. Gene Roddenberry had such vision and I for one am in awe at the genius of this man. I can't wait for development of Gene Roddenberry's Transporter. Imagine it. No more driving to the airport in rush hour, waiting to stow my luggage in the overhead, and then waiting for them to de-ice the plane.

Live long and prosper my friends!