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Guns Monday January 7, 2013


If as the saying goes: "guns don't kill, people do", and you give a large mass of people the right to have guns, isn't it logical that some portion of that mass of people will use their guns to kill? The real reason I don't want to own a gun is because I think I would be hard pressed not to go postal on someone. You see, I find many of those around me downright offensive. There are so many things in my community that drive me to the brink that we are all a lot safer if I don't have a gun.

Say someone takes my parking spot, even though he sees me waiting for it. Now I get out of my car and we have a verbal altercation. We throw words at each other. What else am I going to do? However if I had a gun, I think I would feel more powerful and consider drawing my gun. Now if that other person had a gun, where would all of this lead? Certainly the odds of it being just a war of words diminishes significantly.

The other day I was in a grocery check-out line. This was the Express Line. 1 to 8 items. But the idiot in front of me had at least 20 items and the cashier said nothing. So I did. I said "I guess you never learned to read." To which he replied "I read fine" and so I responded "Well that makes you either rude or ignorant or both." We left it at that.

So you see, I get into too many petty confrontations to be allowed to carry a gun. And ... as long as I don't carry a gun, they remain petty, soon forgotten, confrontations. And when it comes right down to it, I don't think I am that much different from the rest of you. We all live in a frustrating world full of annoying people, and I would feel a lot safer if my neighbors didn't have guns, and I know I feel a lot safer myself, knowing that I don't have a gun.