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Jonathan Pollard And The US Spying Scandal

I'm Katherine Curtis and this is a Naked News Commentary.

I've always believed that Jonathan Pollard, the American that passed on classified information to Israel, deserves the life sentence he got. Notwithstanding all kinds of rallies and political pressure, Pollard has been in prison for over 25 years for spying for Israel - a penalty I believe is appropriate.

But after the recent revelations that the United States spied on leaders of at least 35 countries - including allies such as Brazil, Spain and even the personal communications of Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, I have lost my certainty about the Jonathan Pollard spying case. "Do as I say, not as I do" is just simple hypocrisy. How do I now reconcile that it was not ok for Israel to spy on its friend - the United States - and accordingly Jonathan Pollard went to prison for life, but no one goes to prison for spying on Angela Merkel and all the others that America spied on

As I said at the beginning, I always believed Jonathan Pollard deserved the sentence he got, but now I don't know what to believe. Sure I know after 9/11 and Al Qaeda the US has to be vigilant. I can understand the US spying on emails and twitter feeds looking for threats, but I don't think Merkel is a threat to the American Homeland. I don't know why the NSA was spying on her, and I guess they are not going to tell us. Maybe Edward Snowden or Wikileaks will tell us, but the NSA certainly won't.

While the White House Press Secretary stated that the US does not and will not spy on the German Chancellor, he didn't claim that the US hasn't done so in the past. Should I believe that every nation spies on every other nation and that is the way it is and accept it? or should I believe that it is permissible to spy on your enemies, but it is totally improper and unjustifiable to spy on your friends and allies?

Jonathan Pollard is by no means deserving of praise, but now I question whether he is deserving of a life sentence. I would like to hear your views on both Jonathan Pollard and the US spying scandal.