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Lousy Concert Etiquette

Welcome to my Commentary everyone.

There are few things in this world more irritating than people who go to a concert to do anything but watch the concert. You know who I’m talking about – in fact, I may even be talking about you! In my experience, concert disturbers fall into three main categories: the talkers, the spoilers, and the shutterbugs. All three are annoying in different ways, but they definitely share one thing: when they pop up at a show, they grind my gears!

First, the talkers. These are the people who buy tickets to a concert and spend the entire time talking to their friends. You want to have a deep conversation, go to a coffee shop, where you can at least be heard – and more importantly, where I can't hear you! Cheering and singing along – even badly – is perfectly acceptable at a concert, but yakking about your day or where you want to go after the show is not cool at all!

Next up, the spoilers. These are the people who are way too obsessed with the band, and have been studying every set list the band's played on tour. They know what song is coming next – and take it upon themselves to ruin it for everyone else! News flash, pal – I like to be surprised! That feeling of instant recognition where you hear the first riff or vocals is priceless, and having that spoiled just plain sucks! Also, don’t yell out what song you’d like to hear next – the band can’t hear you, and they also don’t care!

And finally, the shutterbugs, people who film or take pictures throughout the whole show. This one confuses me the most. You’ve likely spent good money on the concert, and you want to watch it through a tiny screen? I guarantee you will never watch that show again, so why bother? And unless you brought your thousand dollar camera with the mega-zoom lens, you’re probably not going to get a decent shot anyway. Especially with all the noise and lights and other people actually enjoying the show!

My advice to you is to put away the camera, stop checking the Internet for set lists, keep your conversations to yourself, and just appreciate some good live music. You’ll be glad you did, and so will everyone around you! I'm Whitney St. John, thanks for listening.