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Netflix Exploded In 2013

Netflix exploded in 2013 and it's likely a format that's going to shape the way we watch television for years to come.

Netflix started as a DVD-rental service in 1997. For a while there it didn't look like the company was going to make it! But what's really helped Netflix turn the corner has been their original programming. Launched just this year, Netflix shows have had huge success. Orange Is The New Black, House of Cards and the revived Arrested Development have critics raving. Netflix earned six Golden Globe nominations - more than ABC, CBS and NBC! It's a pretty clear indicator that Netflix is becoming a force to be reckoned with!

Where Netflix also has cable TV beat is the binge-watching potential of its database! More and more people are tuning out of regular TV and instead watching complete series that have ended. Or, older seasons of currently running shows. And that has really helped the good shows stay on the air!

The makers of Breaking Bad - hands down the best show of the year - have claimed they wouldn't have made it past season two without Netflix. Perhaps as a thank you, Breaking Bad spinoff show Better Call Saul will air on Netflix after its season finale on AMC.

What we're witnessing here is similar to what's been happening in the music industry the past 15 years. Music lovers didn't want to spend 15 bucks on a CD, so they started downloading their favorite songs. So in a lot of ways, Netflix is like a legal Napster! It s changing the way content is being consumed and being produced!

Now competitors are starting to spring up! Microsoft will be launching original shows on Xbox One in early 2014. And Google is also expected to debut Nexus TV sometime next year. With cable prices going through the roof and more and more people turning to the Internet and streaming services for their entertainment, it s clear that Netflix is the leader of a new movement!

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