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Obama Re-elected Monday October 1, 2012


Four years ago we at Naked News were confident enough to call Barak Obama the winner in the 2008 US Presidential election. We are now prepared to make an observation in the 2012 Presidential election. We take no sides in the process, rather we will state our reasoning and our resulting conclusion.

That conclusion is that Mitt Romney will lose the election and President Obama will be re-elected.

While Mr. Romney has raised a great deal of money, he has failed to use it to convey an effective message. Not that Obama has done a better job at that, but the independents and undecideds need a reason to make a change from a sitting President and Mr. Romney's campaign has not provided a satisfactory one.

Mr. Romney has been a successful businessman, but to date he has not been seen as a successful communicator. In fact his speeches are not only not inspiring or motivational but usually they are downright boring.

In addition Mr. Romney appears to be a liberal conservative trying to play the part of a right wing conservative to satisfy that element in his Party, and he is not a very good actor. He keeps stumbling in his stated convictions. He takes positions he doesn't truly believe in, but sometimes forgets and reverts to type leaving those that want to support him, confused as to his position.

Mr. Romney may be handsome and rich, but he lacks charisma and charisma attracts votes, especially the votes of women and Undecideds. Those are the people Romney needs to win, and he appears not to have ignited excitement in either.

Four years ago neither Barak Obama nor John McCain had occupied the White House before. Each was untried as President. Obama hasn't done much better in this campaign successes than has Romney. In fact all the things we have observed in Mr. Romney's campaign, also apply to Mr. Obama's campaign, but now the US has an incumbent President seeking re-election in hard times. We don't see Mitt Romney's campaign as having convinced American that Romney is the man to oust this President.

So unlike the prediction we made 4 years ago, this one is not a prediction but rather a set of observations leading to our conclusion. Mr. Romney's only chance is for him to do wonderfully well in the debates, or for President Obama stumble. That could change the result. But barring such a change in course, we conclude the President Obama will be re-elected.