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Peace In Israel Monday November 26, 2012

Peace in Israel

My favorite TV show is "The Dog Whisperer". I love it. I am certain I have seen every episode. It gives great insight into human behavior because as Cesar Milan says: It is usually the person, not the dog, that is the problem.

And one of the many things I have learned from Cesar Milan, and one of the many things we all know is this simple maxim. You should not reward negative behavior. Doing so only reinforces such behavior.

How long has the world, especially the US, tried to make peace between the Palestinians and Israel? And nothing has succeeded.

How much money has the world, especially the US given to both the Palestinians and Israel over the same period of time?

Why should either of these players make peace when they are handsomely rewarded year after year - for not making peace. Perhaps it is time for a change of direction. Perhaps it is time not to reward a negative behavior.

Yes Israel is our friend and our ally in a very troubled Middle East. But our history of providing Israel with foreign aid, and military subsidies hasn't lead to a resolution of the Palestinian issue. Nor has it stopped Israel from ignoring our requests that they stop building apartment buildings in East Jerusalem, or remove all the settlements from the West Bank.

Similarly the Palestinians haven't been seriously motivated to stop the attacks on Israel nor to make the types of compromises that are necessary for a genuine peace.

Clearly all of the money we have given to Pakistan over the years hasn't stopped many in that country from assisting the Taliban and Al Qaeda. And our 60 year course of subsidizing both Israel and the Palestinians hasn't been able to achieve a worthwhile peace.

Perhaps, just perhaps, not rewarding negative behavior will have a better result than the one we have achieved so far by rewarding such behavior. We have tried everything else - so if they don't change, shouldn't we change the way we deal with them.