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Republican Nominees Monday March 12, 2012

Republican Nominees

I heard a joke recently that goes why are the Republican candidates for the Presidency, a lot like granola? Because once you have removed all the fruits and the nuts, all you have left are the flakes.

I didnt say it was a funny joke.

But in truth I have never seen such a divisive, confrontational nomination campaign. Of course 20 nationally televised debates have not helped the situation. If you put gladiators in the same arena, you expect not only a fight, but blood to be shed. And that is exactly what happened. I fear that in their efforts to win the nomination, the candidates have lost the election.

Not only have the candidates for the Republican nomination done a good job of cutting each other to shreds, they have also done a good job individually of committing political hari kari. Can you imagine all the great sound bites that the democrats will have from both the candidates and from their current opponents?

The Republican candidates have been pushed far to the right by the Tea Party and some of the candidates like Rick Santorum. But as they move further to the right they lose more of the centrists in their own party and the independents they require to win.

So while the election is many months away, and much can change in that time I would say the Republicans have as much chance of regaining the White House as I do of winning the PowerBall lottery. Oh well. I keep buying tickets dont I? One can always hope.