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Stuck Monday September 10, 2012


I have to admit that for the first time in my memory I am stuck. Stuck because I don't know which of the two candidates for the American Presidency would be the best choice. Stuck because I really don't want either of them to win.

Barak Obama may have inherited a difficult economy, and a dysfunctional and antagonist Congress. But that is what leadership is all about. Obama had 4 years to figure out how to make it work and make it better and he didn't, so why should I assume that he will figure it out if given another 4 years.

President Obama's term ends with very little Congressional achievements; Europe on the brink of breaking up; the US is still an economic disaster and Iran is still building the bomb. Mr. Obama may have won a Nobel Peace Prize, but I see little peace worthy of such a prize.

Mitt Romney on the other hand is supposedly a very successful businessman who says he can fix the economy. But this guy is totally uninspiring. His speeches are, well, boring. His wife has a lot more charm and personality than he does, and that is likely why she does so much of the talking in an interview. Mr. Romney how can I have confidence in your ability to fix the US economy, when you have proven to me that you can't even find one good speechwriter.

Furthermore I am not a believer in "supply side economics". It didn't work under Ronald Reagan and I am relatively certain it will not work any better now. I don't believe Paul Ryan's budget will help the US recovery.

And I don't like the Republican position on gun control, or abortion. Both are, in my opinion, irrational and, well, stupid. Ok, so American's have a Constitutional right to bear arms. I accept that. But should that right include 50 caliber weapons and weapons that can fire 100 rounds a second. For me that position boils down to the following: it is ok to carry guns and kill the guy trying to hijack your car or steal your garden gnome, but it is not alright for a woman to end an unwanted pregnancy in the early stages of that pregnancy. Life is valuable if it is yet unborn, but not that valuable once it is born and walking the streets. If life is so valuable then why are there more people killed by guns in the US than in the rest of the western world combined. In fact, many times more.

So as I said at the beginning, I'm stuck. And I suspect many Americans are similarly stuck.