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Syria Proves It Monday April 9, 2012

Syria Proves it

If you and I were not certain of it before, Iran knows it and Syria has proved it. If you are militarily strong enough no one will go to war with you or interfere with your regime no matter how brutal, corrupt or dehumanizing.

Yes, Syria has proved it. Because Syria has hundreds of fighter planes, missiles, and tanks the West does not want to engage in Syria as they did in Libya. The cost would be too high.

No one wants to take on North Korea because it has the bomb and a dictator apparently crazy enough to use it. So if you are the fanatics running Iran no wonder you want to develop your own bomb. It is just the ticket needed to assure that no one will interfere with your state and your form of government.

No one believes Iran is developing non-weapon grade nuclear material alone. They would be foolish to ignore the potential benefits and power that having a nuclear arsenal brings. It is the final deterrence.

The US and allies have not yet learned that you should not take on a war you cannot win. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan have proved that. But the US and allies have understood all along that you do not take on a nation that has nuclear weapons and missile capabilities. The Soviet Union and North Korea are two prime examples.

So can anyone blame Iran for wanting to develop such weapons. Of course not. And mark my words neither the US or Israel will attack Iran. To do so would only delay the development of Irans nuclear arsenal not prevent it; and incense the Iranian people and world opinion against the aggressors.

That is the great benefit of nuclear weapons. Equalized deterrence.