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The Cost of the Presidency Monday April 23, 2012

The Cost of the Presidency

How much is it worth to you, your family and your ego, to be President of the United States. A job that pays $400,000 a year and historically makes all those who attain it millionaires once they retire. That money is made from autobiographies, speaking engagements, and nominal positions on boards of directors.

Apparently it is worth about a billion dollars, because based on some estimates that is the amount of money someone running for the nomination of his party, and then the Presidency, needs to raise to have a shot at it. Multiply that sum by two for each Republican and Democratic candidate and you are talking some real money here.

Mitt Romney doesnt need the money. Newt Gingrich doesnt need the money. So I guess it is ego gratification that is driving them and the others. Because you see I dont believe in altruism. No politician to my knowledge has ever been named a Saint.

So why would someone want to put themselves in jeopardy of assassination; their family in a fishbowl with security and the media always around; and take on such a heavy workload and moral burden?

And why would someone contribute tens of millions of dollars to a prospective nominee of one party or the other. Take Sheldon Adelson who has contributed tens of millions of dollars to Newt Gingrichs campaign when there really is no way that Newt can beat President Obama. Newt just has too much baggage to appeal to independents and women even if he could convince them of his platform ideals.

Maybe Mr. Adelsons millions are not being wasted. Maybe his plan is not to get Gingrich the nomination, but to assure the Romney gets the nomination and in order to do that he has to water the votes going to Santorum by splitting them with Romney.

If Gingrich was out of the race, how many state primaries would Santorum have won over Romney. How many convention votes would Romney have?

These people did not make their millions and even billions by being foolish in their decision making or carefree with their money. If Mr. Adelson is spending tens of millions on Newt Gingrich I believe he expects to see fruits from his investment. What those fruits are may be beyond our easy view.

So how much must it be worth to be President of the United States? you can answer that as well as I can. To quote someone else, a billion here and a billion there and pretty soon you are talking real money.