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The Trayvon Martin Case Monday April 30, 2012

The Trayvon Martin Case

The Trayvon Martin death in the US seemed to me, from the beginning, to be a rush to judgment by the media. Immediately there were calls for George Zimmermans arrest and THEN a full investigation instead of the other way around.

Dont get me wrong. I am not implying that George Zimmerman acted properly or justifiably. I am saying that none of us know what happened and George Zimmerman has not been tried or convicted of a crime at this point in time and he is entitled to the a full and fair hearing under due process. But there is something that bothers me and that is the statements being made by some Black leaders that Trayvon Martins death is endemic of the way black youth are regarded by non-Blacks in America and that being Black is dangerous in itself. This was stated loudly by Time Magazine contributor Toure, a Black man who appeared on CNNs Piers Morgan program and got into a dual of words with that host. Toure also wrote an article entitled How to Stay Alive While Being Black.

Yes, Black males are in danger in America, but I believe the statistics confirm that the greatest single danger to young Black males is other young Black males. Most Black males are assaulted and killed at the hands of other Black males. It is a sad truth making the problem more difficult to ascribe to racism and more difficult to solve.

I dont hear Americas Black leaders talking up this part of the problem all except Bill Cosby that is and not many are listening.