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The Wall Street Gangsters Monday June 11, 2012

The Walls Street Gangsters

Bernie Madoff has gone to prison for a lifetime (and then some) for defrauding the public in a Ponzi scheme. Others who ran similar scams, but on a smaller scale, have also been outed and prosecuted in the Press and in the Criminal Justice system. But no one, to my knowledge, has been even charged with the packaging, selling and yes, even betting against, those toxic asset backed securities that caused the last financial crisis. Why is that?

Too big to fail? Maybe! To big to face justice? These guys were running a shell game on a giant scale that made Bernie Madoff look like a nickel and dimer and years later no one gets prosecuted.

Is this really America the just. Is it that there were just too many to prosecute? Is that the reason? Or is the reason that these people contributed too much in political campaign money? Is that the reason? Or is it that you don't want these geniuses of finance to take their talents off the market as that would hurt the Goldman Sachs of the world.

Whatever the reason can you not empathize with the frustration that led to the Occupy Wall Street movement. America was financially raped by a group of organized carpetbaggers and history will record that America's criminal justice system evaded its responsibilities of prosecution. Prosecution that serves not only to punish the offenders but to deter subsequent offenders.

Blame has to fall on the Obama Administration for this. The Bush Administration was over and the mantle was passed to the Obama Administration. Did that Administration appoint a Special Prosecutor? Did they bring Elliot Spitzer out of retirement and sic him on these alleged evil doers. No!

Did the Obama Administration explain to the American people and the world audience why there would be no indictments. No!

President Obama now says in his campaign message that he had the strength of character to order a strike against Osama Bin Laden inside Pakistan - but not it seems the same strength of character to go after the terrorists who ravaged America's finances.

Not to pursue these people is cowardice. Not to explain why they were given a pass is, in my opinion, unforgivable.

Oh. And for those of you who may wish to write me and say I am being critical of President Obama, let me add that I don't feel a Republican administration would have done any better. If you rob a bank you go to jail. If you rob a nation, you get a year end bonus. Shame on you America.