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TSA Thiefs Monday November 5, 2012

TSA Thiefs

Maybe I am overreacting and I know there are worse things in the world, but US TSA employees stealing from airport passengers luggage is highly offensive to me in many ways.

The TSA's website states "The Transportation Security Administration was created in the wake of 9/11 to strengthen the security of the nation's transportation systems while ensuring the freedom of movement for people and commerce. Within a year, TSA assumed responsibility for security at the nation's airports and deployed a federal workforce to screen all commercial airline passengers and baggage." The TSA is part of the Department of Homeland Security.

Recently the TSA fired numerous employees for stealing from passengers. This is not the first time.

Firstly this is offensive, because some of the people hired to protect us; to give us security, are stealing from us. Secondly it is offensive because the TSA appears not to have taken any action to halt this kind of activity until after the airing of an investigative report by a national TV network. Only then did the TSA wake up, so to speak. Only then did TSA take any overt action. Why is that?

Thirdly and most worrisome to me is, doesn't this bring into question the whole screening process for hiring TSA officers? If there is evidence of thievery at almost every single major airport in the US, is Homeland Security really doing its job to protect travellers by properly screening applicants for these positions. If a TSA officer can be induced to steal an iPad or a camera, cannot such an officer be bribed to do even more that is dangerous to you and I? And if the TSA is so inept in the people they hire, how much faith should we have in the other aspects of their job.

The TSA also recently fired some of these officers for things like, sleeping on the job, and failing to perform continuous passenger screenings. In other words, not doing their jobs.

Now I am not only peeved when I have to line up to go through security, and more peeved when I have to remove my shoes and my belt, but I am now even more doubtful the people on the other side of the conveyor belt are acting to protect the travelling public.

I really don't think I am overreacting. I think I have a right to be incensed. Not at the thief, but at the government department that apparently did nothing until ABC news broadcast their investigative report and this government department is for some reason named "Homeland Security". Ironic perhaps. Disappointing, certainly.