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Why Romney Lost Monday November 19, 2012

Why Romney Lost

You may recall that several weeks ago in a Commentary here we concluded that President Obama would be re-elected and we laid out our reasoning.

How did a President who presided over an 8% unemployment rate, had the US AAA credit rating downgraded, and had Americans living on the edge of another recession, get re-elected? How did a President who couldn't get anywhere with a Republican Congress, and really had no concrete proposals for the next 4 years, get re-elected.

Now that we have hindsight, I think there is some solid basis for believing that President Obama did not so much win the election as Republican candidate Mitt Romney lost the election.

Yes President Obama could count on the Black and Hispanic vote, and that is a large block, but not large enough to win the Presidency. With the election so close in numbers both sides had to convince the center, and fundamentally Mr. Romney spent so much political capital espousing right wing conservative views in order to woo the Republican base to win the Primaries and the nomination that when he switched gears and tried to gain the confidence of the Independents and Undecideds those groups didn't buy his new pitch.

Had Romney not had to fight so hard and long to get the nomination from his own Party, the Republicans might well have won the White House. Had Romney not have to sell himself to the far right in order to win the Primaries and the nomination, he most certainly would have convinced more centrists that he was one of them.

I believe Romney got bad advice and made bad decisions that cost him the Presidency and as a result not only did he lose the election, but in my view he deserved to lose the election because he was the poster boy for the word "politician". Always telling his current audience exactly what they wanted to hear, even if it contradicted what he told his previous audience.

We will never know what kind of President he would have made, because he confused us with his shape shifting. No wonder he was called the Etch-A-Sketch Candidate.

It reminds me of the quote "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" Well in my view Mitt Romney sold his political soul to win the nomination and by doing so, lost a Presidency that could have been his.