The lovely Marina Valmont starts the program on a high note from the Naked Newsroom
- The NCAA is reeling after the FBI laid fraud and corruption charges against 10 people including 4 assitant coaches and an Adidas executive
- A hundred square mile iceberg split from the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica
- A female marine has become the first woman to complete the Corps' Infantry Officer course
- A super high speed 4000 mile long cable over 10,000 feet deep in the ocean has been laid
- By royal decree, women in Saudi Arabia will soon be allowed to drive cars
- The new Pepper X is a record-setting 3.18 million Scoville heat units, and is used in The Last Dab hot sauce

Alana Blaire switches things up Inside The Box
- The first real preview of The Punisher has been released, and it looks to be as dark and violent as fans were hoping for
- Sean Penn has signed to star in a new Hulu series called The First, about a mission to colonize Mars
- After just two episodes, Star Trek: Discovery is already one of the most-pirated programs
- Damon Lindelof is turning The Watchmen into a series for HBO
- Our Stream This pick is Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father, a hilarious comic travelogue with the comic and his dad

Hayley Bray talks about driving on the "wrong" side of the road in Ask A British Babe.

We've got what's Trending Now, with Laura Desiree
- A bunch of twerking and Snapchatting girls in an elevator got a heck of a surprise when Bill Nye the Science Guy got in
- A girl at a party blew a frat guy's mind by smashing a beer can on her forehead and downing the brew seamlessly
- A mural in Austria shows an image of David Spade alongside a Neil Young quote being attributed to Kurt Cobain, confusing everyone
- People freaked out online about an optical illusion carpet
- Our #FollowMe pick for the week is Portuguese-Angolan beauty Sharam Diniz

In Sports, Eila Adams and Whitney St. John talk to Blake Wallace and Tom Dempsey of the Toronto Wolfpack RLFC rugby team to learn more about the game, the team, and the league. Then, Angie Heyward is Naked In The Streets to find out what accents people find sexiest. You'll love every minute of it, so watch now at