Shannon Blake is our glorious host today, guiding us through another terrific edition of Naked News

Things get going with Laura Desiree and the Bulletins from the Naked Newsroom
- Toys R Us has filed for bankruptcy protection after falling $5 billion in debt
- Jann Wenner is putting his controlling stake in Rolling Stone magazine up for sale
- Google Maps has launched video reviews for Local Guides users
- UberEATS got plenty of flak for their "let your wife take a day off from the kitchen" promotion in Bangalore
- Swiss Police are investigating after tens of thousands of euros were found after apparently being flushed down a toilet
- A notorious Shanghai "nail house" has finally been demolished

Whitney St. John has the scoop from Hollywood in Entertainment
- Selena Gomez revealed she'd had a kidney transplant, with her BFF Francia Raisa the organ donor
- Heather Locklear was hospitalized after driving her Porsche into a ditch
- Democratic Coalition Chairman Jon Cooper mistook an old photo of Busy Philipps for Sarah Huckabee Sanders
- Fergie and Josh Duhamel announced their separation after 8 years of marriage
- Jennifer Garner has joined Instagram, and posted a throwback video of herself high on laughing gas talking about Hamilton

Eila Adams checks out some nifty new smartphone downloads in The AppDate
- Surkus connects businesses and fake customers to appear at gigs - for pay
- Hydrate Now will remind you to drink water when you're out partying
- Good2Go directs you to their safe, environmentally friendly, hands-free bathrooms
- Ikea Place uses augmented reality to help you see just how items from their catalog will look in your home

In this week's From The Vault feature, we go back to 2005, and over to England, where former anchor Lily Kwan goes Naked In The Streets at Speakers' Corner. Then, Guest Anchor Hayley Bray talks about the perfect time to have sex - according to science, it's first thing in the morning! And finally, Shannon is joined by Alana Blaire and Eila to talk about their thoughts on morning sex. It's an eye-opener, and yes, that can be taken two ways! Watch now at