Today's show starts off with lovely Peyton Priestly with the News Off The Top
- Former NFL player and Super Bowl champ Darren Sharper was sentenced to 9 years in prison as part of an arrangement to resolve 9 rape charges he faces
- Debra Milke has seen her case formally dismissed after spending 22 years on Death Row. The court discarded her conviction because prosecutors did not disclose a detective's long history of lying under oath, among other things
- On Monday, Utah's Governor Gary Herbert signed a bill making death via firing squad a legal type of execution, if lethal injection drugs are unavailable
- Louisville Slugger has just been bought by Wilson Sporting Goods, the official glove of pro baseball - seems like a great match!
- ChemChina will pay nearly eight billion dollars to obtain tire manufacturer Pirelli. The merger boosted Pirelli stock leap to a 25-year high
- Baselworld 2015, the world's biggest yearly watch and jewelry show, is on in Switzerland, with nearly every participating company launching smart watches to pair with smartphones

Eila Adams delves into the high-stakes world of posh real estate in Hot Properties
- A genuine 12th Century medieval castle on 1500 acres in Tuscany is on the market for $30 million. Two Popes have lived there!
- The Willis Tower - formerly known as the Sears Tower - has just been sold to a private equity firm for $1.3 billion
- A mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut, which was once owned by Donald and Ivana Trump has gone on sale for $54 million
- Steve Harris - of Iron Maiden - has dropped the price of his Essex property to just $7.25 million. It's got its own pub, recording studio, and soccer pitch - with dressing rooms
- Jennifer Lopez is selling the Hidden Hills mansion she bought with ex-husband Marc Anthony. It's listed at $17 million

With what's up in the world of celebrities, Angie Heyward has Entertainment
- Eva Mendes recently revealed how she keeps Ryan Gosling happy - no sweatpants. She half-joked they were the number one cause of divorce
- Former Playboy Playmate Holly Madison is releasing a book, saying life in Hugh Hefner's world took a toll on her, and dishing the dirt
- Jon Cryer has spilled about his relationship with former Two and a Half Men costar Charlie Sheen, and it's pretty spicy 
- Taylor Swift has bought and to prevent them from getting into the wrong hands
- Rob Kardashian recently posted a pic of the psycho killer from Gone Girl, with the caption saying it was his sister, Kim Kardashian. Ouch!

Katherine Curtis is back with our newest segment, Pillow Talk
- A worldwide study says the average length of an erect penis is 5.2 inches, and most men make the mistake of comparing themselves with porn actors
- Researchers say that even though couples tend to have sex less often over the years, after FIFTY years, there's an uptick! 
- Adultery is now legal in South Korea. The day after the ruling, condom sales jumped 15% and morning-after pill sales leapt 10%
- Adult website owner Shane Harrington wants to open all-nude juice bars in Nebraska - strip clubs for non-drinkers, maybe? 
- The Sex Selfie Stick Camera Vibrator is illuminated and has an HD camera and can be linked to Apple FaceTime. Selfies just may be going too far

In our weekly From The Vault feature, we go back to August of 2003, and a Flex Appeal with Sandrine Renard, April Torres, and Athena King. They learn how to brake and how to fall safely while inline skating. Skills that are still valuable today!

And we finish up with Isabella Rossini, Katherine, and Eila discussing some of today's stories, including the penis-length survey, the Kardashians, and Eva Mendes' claim that you should never wear sweatpants at home. There's also a new poll question, available through

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