The world's sexiest tag team of Carli Bei and Eila Adams are on hand to co-host today's program!

Lovely Guest Anchor Sadie gets us started in the Naked Newsroom
- Guinness is planning to open a brewery near Baltimore
- A new study found dangerous chemicals in many fast food packaging wrappers and containers
- The US Army is looking into using biodegradable bullets or even seed-containing bullets for training to cut down on the pollution
- Chinese-Canadian billionaire Xiao Jianhua has apparently been abducted in Hong Kong and taken to China
- 20 million people in India will see their tax rates halved, though it's somewhat moot, since fewer than 2% of Indians pay taxes
- Facebook has been ordered to pay half a billion dollars in the lawsuit between ZeniMax and Oculus over Oculus Rift techology

Roxanne O'Neill crowns PETA as our Boob of the Week.  They recently told the creators of the tabletop fantasy game Warhammer to stop using animal pelts in the characters' costumes. Yes, they're fictional characters who battle and slaughter one another in the year 40,000, and PETA is concerned about their wardrobe! It's like "the boy who cried wolf" - every time they do a stupid publicity stunt like this, fewer people will listen when they have something that's actually important to say.  Not smart!

Our bodacious bombshell Natasha Olenski brings a Super Bowl themed edition of the Naked Weather Forecast. The game is great, and the commercials are awesome, but we also love the halftime show. Lady Gaga promises to do something crazy this year, so Natasha is taking a look at some of the other crazy things that have happened.  That includes Katy Perry and "Left Shark", M.I.A. flipping the bird, Beyonce's controversial Black Panther-inspired performance of Formation, and of course, Nipplegate - Janet Jackson's legendary "wardrobe malfunction".  Plus, a Super Bowl Sunday Brainstorm Trivia question.

Addilyn goes Inside The Box to check out what's happening on TV
- Former Lois Lane Teri Hatcher is set to jojin the CW's Supergirl this season, in a recurring role as a villain
- The Vampire Diaries will end its run this year, but star Nina Dobrev will be returning for the finale 
- John Wick: Chapter 2 will be in theaters soon, but it looks like there could be a prequel, in the form of a John Wick TV series
- Our Stream This of the week is Ghostbusters director Paul Feig's Other Space.  It's currently available free on Tumblr, at in hopes of gaining enough interest to entice a broadcaster. Check it out!

Veronica cranks it to 11 in Turn It Up
- Following Donald Trump's inauguration, Toby Keith and 3 Doors Down hit the Billboard Top 200 again
- A million Insane Clown Posse fans - aka Juggalos - plan to march on DC this September, in protest of the FBI classifying them as a gang
- Journey, Pearl Jam, Joan Baez, Yes, and Tupac Shakur are entering the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, with Jackson Browne, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, and Neil Young doing the inducting
- On the night of the Grammys, Prince's complete music catalog is set to be released on all the major streaming services
- This week's review is Ty Segall's newest release, and it's damn good!

Carli and Eila wrap things up with some Viewer Mail!  There are compliments for Roxanne, Katherine Curtis, Veronica, Whitney St. John and Erika Jordan, plus info about Marina Valmont's upcoming Naked News Moves belly dance edition!  Don't miss out - watch now at