We're back from our holiday, and we've got Frankie co-hosting with Marina Valmont!

Laura Desiree gets us up to speed with the Bulletins from the Naked Newsroom
- Guests on the Carnival Legend cruise ship saw a massive brawl break out, and 23 passengers removed from the ship
- American Michael Rohana is accused of breaking a thumb off a Terracotta Warrior and stealing it
- University of Massachusetts Amherst have developed an app that'd use a smartphone to detect bacteria
- The 2018 Presidents & Executive Politics Presidential Greatness Survey is out, with Abraham Lincoln topping the list, and Donald Trump dead last
- Hundreds of UK KFC outlets are closed because of a chicken shortage
- Timeout.com survey says the British accent is the sexiest, with French, Italian, Irish, and Spanish following

Whitney St. John provides the hot stories in Entertainment
- Supermodel Ashley Graham says she's way more comfortable naked, she she's nude most of the time she's at home
- Rita Ora shared some sexy skinny dipping pics from the Maldives on her Instagram account
- Bella and Gigi Hadid are making waves thanks to a black and white pic on British Vogue's March edition
- Beth Morgan was dropped from her role on Coronation Street, but she's still sharing saucy snaps

In Ask An Anchor, Krysta answers a fan who wants to know if she'll ever do Cooking In The Raw. And then in Pillow Talk, Hayley Heidi Bray reports on new research that found that women ogle just as much as men do, and more ogling information!

Inside The Box, Eila Adams has the scoop from TV Land
- Producer Christian Charles is suing Jerry Seinfeld, claiming credit for Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee
- Apple is developing a drama called Swagger based on NBA star Kevin Durant, to be produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard's Imagine Television
- Netflix has pried Ryan Murphy away from 20th Century Fox with a 5 year contract reportedly worth $300 million
- The first fully-nude zombie will appear in an upcoming episode of The Walking Dead
- Our Stream This pick of the week is the final 6 episodes of The Tick's first season on Amazon Prime

Marina is bodypainted Naked In The Streets of New York City to ask people their thoughts on First Lady Melania Trump - and people definitely have thoughts!

And we wrap things up by learning a bit more about Frankie. Don't miss a minute! Watch now at www.NakedNews.com