We get a lot of requests to show our older programs, so since it's a holiday in our neck of the woods, we decided to offer up a full show from all the way back in 2003! 

The show is hosted by Erica Stevens and Lily Kwan, with segments featuring other past anchors Athena King, Samantha Page, Gia Gomez, Roxanne West, Sandrine Renard, Michelle Pantoliano, and of course, the First Lady of Naked News, Victoria Sinclair.  In addition to some familiar segments like Travels, Naked At The Movies, Naked In The Streets, and Flex Appeal, there are some you might not be familiar with. There's Nude Views, where two sides of an issue are discussed, and a look back even earlier in the show's history to a spoof segment called "Canadian Question Period", where Sandrine and Roxanne play "The Beaver Sisters", teaching some of the nuances of Canada.  There's also an interview with the band Wide Mouth Mason, and a real blast from the past in Game Spot - a look at Hitman 2 and Metroid Prime for GameCube!

Longtime fans get to see some of their old favorites, and everyone can see just how much things have changed over the years.  Don't miss it!