Happy hump day, everyone!

Eila Adams is in the Naked Newsroom to offer up the Bulletins
- It turns out all 3 billion Yahoo accounts were affected by the 2013 hack
- A bill proposed by New York's state legislature would require all political ads on social media to identify who paid for them
- Germany's new hate speech law gives social media sites only 24 hours to remove posts with obvous hate speech or face massive fines
- Apple has released another new IOS 11 update, this time to fix a crackling sound issue on some iPhone 8s
- Steve Jobs' widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, reportedly plans to buy a 20% stake in the company with holdings including the Washington Capitals and the Wizards
- An Indiana couple pleaded guilty to mail fraud and money laundering for ripping off Amazon with hundreds of fake accounts

In the Naked Sports Report, Madison Banes takes a look at Sports Illustrated's five fittest female athletes in all of sports. They're all incredibly impressive - Tia-Clair Toomey, Maggie Steffens, Katie Ledecky, Allyson Felix, and Simone Biles.

Shannon Blake updates us all on what's Trending Now
- A Belgian couple's Naked Wanderings Instagram account follows their clothes-free travel
- People are roundly mocking the Kickstarter project "Pause Pod", because it's just a small indoor tent
- #IfPizzaCouldTalk took Twitter by storm, and it turns out pizza would have a lot to say
- A Chinese man is being hailed for his chivalry after apparently swapping his shoes for his girlfriend's painful high heels
- Our #FollowMe for the week is track star Alica Schmidt, a German beauty with eyes on the 2020 Olympic Games

We've got the scoop from TV Land with Laura Desiree Inside The Box
- HBO is throwing money at the final episodes of Game of Thrones - reportedly $15 million each
- HBO's "Spielberg" is an in-depth look at the Hollywood superstar, with interviews with Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, and more
- Pete Rose was turfed from his gig as a Fox Sports playoff baseball analyst due to accusations of statutory rape
- This week's Stream This pick is Mindhunter, a series following FBI agents delving into the minds of serial killers. David Fincher directs some episodes!

Jacqui Childs went Naked In The Streets and talked to people about their experiences with office relationships. Look around your own workplace, because from the sounds of it, there's probably some hanky-panky going on! And today's host, Alana Blaire, closes things out for us. You'll want to see the whole thing, so watch it all now at www.NakedNews.com