It's the weekend for most of us, but we're still thinking about work, as Madison Banes starts us off going Naked In The Streets talking to people about their jobs. Then we've got the Odds 'n Ends from around the world, courtesy of Madison Banes

Laura Desiree has a crazy edition of Nude & Improved, where she is restrained by in a latex vacuum bed by Marika from Kink Engineering. She's also teased and tormented a little, since you can't restrain someone in vinyl without at least a teeny bit of BDSM!

In Ask An Anchor, Marina reveals her favorite place to stay in Las Vegas and her favorite way to gamble. Whitney St. John gets Hollywood XPosed, with some help from our BFFs at Mr. Skin! That means glimpses of Bryce Dallas Howard, Vera Farmiga, Mackenzie Davis, Mia Wasikowska, and Natalie Gold. Tasty!

And Frankie Kennedy gives you a look at Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom so you can decide whether you're going to hit the theater to see dinosaurs on the big screen.

That wraps up the Friday program, but we'll be back Sunday with the Weekend Magazine edition, with more to keep you entertained.

Betsy Swoon and Alana Blaire try indoor skydiving at IFly Toronto in Pop My Cherry, and Marina returns to peek at some great viral clips in the Naked News Video Blog. Bruce Colero talks about his chemistry and "past" with Whitney in Ask Bruce.

We've got a sexy Schmooze for you, as Laura sat to talk with Monifa Jansen in Jamaica. Monifa is a social media influencer and also a former Miss Universe Curacao. She's also a sexy mermaid, bodypainted by Fernello!

In Viewer Mail, we get to see what our past Guest Anchor Hanna does in order to stay cool in the hot weather. If you remember Hanna, you'll know whatever she does, it's going to be impossible to take your eyes off her!

And the weekend closes out with a peek Behind The Scenes. Both programs are hosted by Eila Adams and Madison Banes, who are enjoying the sun from outside the studios.

There's so much to enjoy! So start now, at