Today's program gets going with Laura revealing the top stories from the Naked Newsroom
- A US Court of Appeals ruled EPA administrator Scott Pruitt can't delay an Obama administration environmental regulation set to take effect
- Tesla's Model 3 will roll off the assembly line this week, and Elon Musk says production will ramp up to 20,000 per month by December
- Uber is launching a speedboat service called UberBoat in Croatia
- MLB umpire Angel Hernandez is suing the league for racial discrimination, pointing out there's only been one minority crew chief in league history
- LA City Council approved the billion-dollar George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, which will exhibit a huge collection of movie memorabilia and art
- Joey "Jaws" Chestnut won Nathan's annual Fourth of July hot dog eating competition for the tenth time, downing 72 wieners in 10 minutes

Sexy Guest Anchor Ariana Marie checks in with Entertainment
- Outtakes from former UFC superstar Ronda Rousey's 2012 ESPN Body Issue photo shoot have leaked online
- Mexican soap star Carmen Aub responded to a blackmailer's threat to release her naked pics by releasing them herself
- Paris Hilton has launched her own lingerie line, and is the brand's main model
- Alison Brie told Playboy she didn't understand why people with foot fetishes loved her tootsies, but that she'd come to terms with it
- TV and radio host Maria Menounos resigned from her co-anchor spot at E! News following treatment for a brain tumor

In Pillow Talk, Alana introduces us to the concept of pornosexuality - where people would actually prefer masturbating to porn over having actual sex with another person. 

Katherine Curtis takes us around the web to find out what's Trending Now
- Photoshops of French President Emmanuel Macron's official portrait came fast, furious, and funny
- On the other hand, Photoshops of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie came fast, furious, and deservedly vicious
- Posts of Kanye West playing basketball with the UCLA men's team have taken the internet by storm
- The "Watermelon Dress" hashtag is using forced perspective to turn watermelon slices into cute clothing
- Our #FollowMe this week is - surprise surprise - Ariana Marie, whose sexy social media is well worth watching

Eila Adams went Naked In The Streets to turn things around by having people interview her. It's not quite as easy as she makes it look! And we close things out with Madison Banes and Alana talking some more about porn and the idea of pornosexuality.  Don't miss out! Watch now at, and then share your thoughts over on our official Facebook fan page