We're back from the long weekend - we missed you!

But we're back in full force, with Guest Anchor Krysta back in the studio for the Entertainment report
- In an interview with Playboy, sexy Scarlett Johansson says she thinks it's not natural to be with one person for the rest of your life
- Playboy is returning to nudity - finally - and features Scarlett Byrne, of Harry Potter movie fame. She's also engaged to Cooper Hefner
- Rita Ora's role in 50 Shades Darker has turned her on to sex toys, and fantasies about a kinky 50 Shades-styled threesome
- Hollywood icon Susan Sarandon is still hot at 70, but says she doesn't get approached as much any more
- Video of Russian model Viki Odintkova dangling off a thousand-foot Dubai skyscraper went viral, but also got her in trouble with the authorities

Carli Bei has the updates from the Naked Newsroom
- The US may ask visitors from China to disclose their social media profiles for inspection, though choosing to answer would be popular
- A number of Jewish community centers across the US were evacuated on Presidents' Day after receiving bomb threats
- Brazilian Everton Luis left a Serbian Superleague game after extended, vicious racial taunting by opposing fans
- A recent poll of presidential historians put Barack Obama at 12th on the best presidents' list. Ronald Reagan was 9th
- According to a new study, Los Angeles has the worst traffic in the world. New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Miami also made the top 10
- Consumer products giant Unilever rejected a massive bid by Kraft Heinz to take over

Madison Banes goes Naked At The Movies
- Rumor has it that Ben Affleck wants out of the Batman suit
- Mel Gibson is reportedly under consideration to direct the sequel to Suicide Squad
- Robert Downey Jr. will star in Richard Linklater's based on a true story film about scam artist Dr. John Brinkley
- On the Graham Norton Show, Keanu Reeves revealed Bill & Ted 3 is a possibility, and a concept for the plot has already been created
- Madison takes a look at the trailer for The Bad Batch, a post-apocalyptic flick starring Jason Momoa and Keanu Reeves

Holly Hoxter answers a fan's question about preparing for her Playboy shoot, in Ask An Anchor

Things get tasty with Katherine Curtis as our Naked Foodie
- France has banned free refills of soft drinks in the latest step in the country's campaign against obesity
- The Bacon Express is a toaster for bacon, that'll cook 6 delicious slices quickly and cleanly
- KFC has expanded The Chizza, a pizza using fried chicken as the crust. It's only in the Philippines, Singapore, and India so far, however
- Red Velvet Kit Kat candy bars are now available in the US

Addilyn Bailey will get all your cylinders firing in Wheels
- The Liberty is a gyrocopter created by Pal-V, and its essentially the world's first flying car
- Lamborghini is recalling thousands of their pricey cars because of a fire risk
- All of the Dodge Vipers that'll be produced in its final model year have been sold, and production will end August 31
- The gas-powered Smart car is set to cease sales in North America, and only the all-electric, zero-emission models will be available
- Dashcams caught a terrifying crash as a a transport truck was knocked over by strong winds, and crushed a police car

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