We get the action started today with Alana Blaire in the Naked Newsroom
- Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and China have pledged to limit the amount of plastic they dump into the ocean
- Sony's VR headsets are the top-sellers, as the company has passed the million-sold mark
- The Powerball lottery is now up to an expected $435 million dollars for Saturday's draw
- Manchester United sits atop Forbes' list of most valuable football teams, at nearly $3.7 billion
- Forbes also says Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest-paid athlete on the planet
- A former fling of Alex Rodriguez is alleged to be demanding hush money, but A-Rod's not paying

Roxanne O'Neill declares former Philadelphia TV reporter Colleen Campbell our very deserving Boob of the Week. Video of her being thoroughly obnoxious and offensive after being booted from a comedy club, and allegedly assaulting staff and a very patient police officer, got her fired, humiliated, and now crowned as a Boob.

Eila Adams takes a look at the talk of the TV, Inside The Box
- Erinn Hayes has been booted from Kevin Can Wait, and Kevin James' former sitcom wife Leah Remini will be joining the show
- HBO's upcoming The Deuce stars Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Franco, and is created by the man behind The Wire - so hopes are high
- Sharknado 5: Global Swarming hits SyFy August 6, with "stars" including Charo, Fabio, Clay Aiken, and Gilbert Gottfried
- Dwayne Johnson's Ballers will return for a third season July 23
- Our Stream This is the Netflix sensation Orange Is The New Black, with season 5 available now

It's Adopt A Cat Month, and Madison Banes is checking out some of her all-time favorite cat videos in her Naked Weather Forecast. From Keyboard Cat, to Maru and his many boxes, to the adorable Surprised Kitty, and the completely hilarious Sail Cat Fail set to Awolnation, she's got kitty clips galore. And a look ahead to the weekend weather! 

It's music to your ears as Addilyn Bailey Turns It Up
- Guns n' Roses announced a new album is in the works, even as their Greatest Hits marked its 400th week on Billboard's Top 200.
- The Foo Fighters released a new single called Run, with a hysterical video directed by Dave Grohl
- Trent Reznor says Nine Inch Nails will have a new record out soon
- U2 has added more dates for their tour celebrating The Joshua Tree's 30th anniversary
- The review this week is the new special edition of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

And it all closes out with Katherine Curtis and Eila Adams answering some Viewer Mail. They got some feedback on Eila's Talk Is Cheap about playing the national anthem before sporting events, a compliment, and a question about Natasha Olenski. Find out all the answers by watching at www.NakedNews.com