Madison Banes gets the Friday program going in Naked At The Movies. She looks at three movies new in theaters, starting with Logan, the newest flick with Hugh Jackman as the X-Men character better known as Wolverine. There's also The Last Word starring Shirley MacLaine and Amanda Seyfried, plus Woody Harrelson's new release, Wilson. 

Carli Bei has the weirder stories from around the world in Odds 'n Ends. Check out a crazy mugshot, a distracted cameraman, competitive eater Molly Schuyler's most recent victory, details on the Domino's Wedding Registry, and even more bizarre happenings. 

We've got a brand-new audition for you to check out.  Her name is Shannon and she starts off with an In Focus look at Academy Award winning actress Brie Larson, then we learn more about her in her Q&A, and showing off some sexy dance moves. Watch carefully, because we'll want to know what you think.  That's followed by Reya Sunshine answering a question about her ambitions in Ask A Cam Girl.

Marina Valmont has been in New York City, and went Naked In The Streets to talk to New Yorkers about Donald Trump and how they think he's doing as president. People are divided, but everyone has an opinion!

Eila Adams checks out some celebrity skin with the assistance of the excellent people at Mr. Skin, in Hollywood XPosed. Get some sneaky peeks at Anne Heche, Radha Mitchell, Cody Renee Cameron, and Nicole Kidman. And EgoAllStars has compiled some of the finest photoshoots to share with us, that we'll share with you. That means hot shots of Rhian Sugden, Danielle Sellers, Tove Lo, and Summer St. Claire. 

To open the Weekend program, Eila's back at the XBiz-CamCon show in South Beach, Florida. She talks to Jackie Chambers, the social media manager for cam site Live Jasmin. She tells us more about Jasmin, camming, and the women who cam.

Madison Banes joins Carli for the Naked News Video Blog and some crazy video clips. There are two very different gym workout videos, an angry cyclist getting revenge on a dirtbag driver, an Australian waitress dealing with an intruding goanna lizard, and a whining husky dog.  

Just for fun, we've got a classic clip of Toni from Oasis Aqualounge buying an ice cream cone totally nude in a flashback Crazy Things Toni Does Naked.

Katherine Curtis loves weapons, so the latest Versus is right up her alley - it's archery tag!  She's joined by Carli, Madison, Lydia, Natasha Olenski, Eila, and Samantha Rone in a two-team battle to the not-quite-death. We can't say it's exactly like a naked Hunger Games scene, or even a naked Robin Hood, but it's still a heck of a battle. 

Bruce Colero is back with another edition of Ask Bruce. This time, the question is from a guy who's wife has a confusing sexual request for him, and Bruce's advice is right on the button! 

Viewers have a lot of opinions about tattoos, and the fans who like them often ask if any of the ladies would ever get one on camera. Fact is, they did!  Carli and former anchor Andrea Sully went to South Side Ink a couple of years ago, and got inked right there.

As always, we wrap up the weekend with our Behind The Scenes clips. 

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